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Bottom level addition house lift

Concept and design

Access Houselifting works with a select team of geotechnical engineers, structural engineers and drafts people to design usable and cost effective plans to get your building lifted safely.

Ponsonby House lifting NZ

House lifting, propping and leveling

Lift dwellings to repair or replace the existing foundations or prop the home to allow a clear span area for excavation, rock breaking or difficult piling works.

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Lift and build options

We can lift and prop your dwelling whilst your builders undertake any work needed, or we can work in with other contractors to get your project across the line.



Access Foundations and House Lifting offers a one-of -a kind solution for house lifting, foundation repair, house sliding, levelling and basement creation.
Exclusive to Access Foundations, the Atlas HL System offered in New Zealand and the South Pacific, is the culmination of ten years of research and development by our partners Kradle Lift/ Failsafe Houselifting based in North America. It's the safest, most efficient house lifting system available. House lifting can be hazardous, so when lifting a highly valued asset such as someone’s home off its foundations, you want the best equipment available. The core Atlas HLS 5.0 offers peace of mind confidence and the versatility to lift one, two or three story buildings ranging from 45 to 300m2



With clear span beneath the structure and height of up to 6 meters, excavation equipment such as midsize diggers and large bobcats can be used to offer time efficiencies and head room for specialist equipment, without the danger of collapsing wood stacking or stys. Further benefits of the Atlas 5 HL system is the ability to re-arrange the lifting towers and re-configure the beams to suit each dwelling differently. Most lifts can be undertaken without the complete destruction and excavation of the surrounding section, or even the removal or demolition of internal fittings, as the heavy duty lifting towers and beams are designed for heavy dwellings up to 3 stories. Once a house is lifted, those working onsite are able to move freely beneath it in order to demolish or build without any major obstacles in the way. When using the Atlas HLS 5.0, the house is always on structure and never becomes a live load on timber stys. For added security, safety chains are sometimes used to connect end tower pairs to each other and the Primary Lifting Beams.

The Atlas 5 HLS has also been utilised by the US Government on their offshore and Subarctic operations in Greenland. Forbes magazine recently stated that the Atlas System was a "New Paradigm" in lifting systems in 2019, due to the unique applications it can be used in. We are proud to offer this system in NZ  - you can read the full article here
Clear span beneath for basement redevelopment
Clear span beneath for basement redevelopment
Unites states Governement Greenland proj


Access Foundations and Houselifting works with a select team of geotechnical engineers, structural engineers and drafts people to design usable and cost effective plans to get your building lifted safely for prolonged periods, benefits of working with us include:



  • Reconfigurable lifting beams and individual towers to suit difficult or narrow sites

  • Heritage buildings, character homes or villas can be lifted from the bearers up causing minimal damage

  • Up to 20m of clear span access

  • Clear span basement dig-outs

  • Clear span house propping

  • Additional safety offered as this heavy duty system is designed and certified by an international team of engineers 


Access Foundations (Access houseliftings parent company ) undertakes all aspects of foundation, subfloor repair work and basement conversions, we are well versed in the industry, have a great reputation, a fantastic track record and offer very competitive options. 


Services in this area include:

  • Underpinning repairs and existing foundation re-enforcement/ replacement

  • Ground improvement and stabilization

  • Subsidence repair works

  • Analysis and floor level reporting

  • Piling works

  • House sliding and moving

  • Repiling, leveling and joist repairs

  • Screw piles install

Foundation repair/ basement creation packages can be tailored to a suit client’s needs, though we prefer to limit our involvement to the following core project items or can simply work in with your builder.

  • Coordinating the basement engineering

  • Lifting the house

  • Propping works

  • Excavating and removing the existing foundation or basement

  • Installing the piles or slab

  • Arranging blockwork/weatherboard construction 

  • Lowering the house and reattaching it to the new foundation

  • Installing waterproofing and drainage to the exterior of any basement walls

Foundation Subsidence Repair blockwork
Underpin Piles, Soldier piles
Repiling and House lift
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Ring Foundation and house liftrepair



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